Matt Dunwell has owned and run Ragmans since 1990. He has hosted numerous courses over the last eighteen years for teachers such as Patrick Whitefield, Bill Mollison, Mike Feingold, Chris Evans, Andy Langford and Jude and Michel Fanton from Australia, Starhawk and Penny Livingston- Stark from LA as well as the team below who currently teach at Ragmans.

He has experience through his management of Ragmans, in livestock (cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry), vegetables, mushroom production, orchards and apple juicing, as well as staff and volunteer managment.

He was on the steering group of Transition Forest of Dean for a year, and has worked as a consultant for the Foundation of Local Food Initiatives. He co authored the first Local Food Directory in 1997. He has been a Trustee of the Tudor Trust for over 25 years.


Freya Davies  - General Manager joined Ragmans in October 2007. Freya brings a wealth of interests to Ragmans including gardening, bee keeping, herbalism, and a general love of the land. This has helped develop the teaching programme at Ragmans making it more varied and also attracting highly skilled new teachers.

Freya has helped the farm move into a more developed organisation, with a keen eye for detail and an understanding of the potential of the farm buildings and landscape to attract and nurture people. Under her watch we have undergone a major redevelopment of the Farm, including our new venue, the Mushroom Shed, a new kitchen in the Bunkhouse, teaching room and shower block, and developing the Cider Orchard Yurt.


Angie Horsley joined us in August 2010 and is our Administrator. Angie is probably the one you get through to on the phone, dealing with enquiries such as 'can a have a wedding at Ragmans?' through to 'there's a wood louse in my mushroom log'.

Angie has been the driving force behind Ragmans helping set up the Yurt camping experience, and getting more private bookings for the bunkhouse. 

When she escapes from Ragmans she hangs out in the Forest of Dean with wooden deer, is an avid mountain biker and surfs.


 Juanfran Lopez - Researcher -  JuanFran was a WWOOFer at the farm for 14 months in 2013-14 before coming back in September 2014. JuanFran is studying for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture.  He is passionate about working  with different regenerative techniques and tools to create low cost sustainable solutions. He has studied with Patrick Whitefield, Chris Evans and Jairo Restrepo and is bringing Regenerative Agriculture, 'Natural Farming' and biofertilisers to Ragmans. Juan Fran visited Mexico in 2015 staying and studying wtih microbiologist Nacho Simon. JuanFran trained as an Agronomist in Spain before  travelling to learn different approaches to land management.


Caroline is now the leading teacher on the Permaculture Design courses and worked with Patrick and Cathy Whitefield since 2008. She is qualified in design, permaculture design and horticulture and also works as a design consultant, cook and illustrator.

Her experience includes managing 2 acres of intensive organic vegetable production, managing 5 acres of ornamental and food gardens at a meditation retreat centre, and catering for groups, courses and retreats. She lives with her partner and son on a 4 acre smallholding in Dartmoor where they are working towards self-sufficiency and creating educational spaces. Caroline is also co-author with Martin Crawford of Food from your Forest Garden, a comprehensive guide to making best use of your forest garden produce. Visit her website and blog Think.Grow.Eat for more information.

Steve Pickup   has been teaching at Ragmans since 2000 AD. We are accumulating many examples of his willow sculptures, including  fedges, willow arches, and different forms of erosion control using living willow.

He has spent the last twenty years growing, planting, weaving and teaching, and has a keen interest in the emerging new varieties useful for living willow sculptures. Steve started the Willow Bank, originally based in Wales, which now grows many varieties of willow at Ragmans. He sells a range of willow for sculptures, baskets, landscaping and fuel. The willow is now grown and dispatched from Ragmans Lane Farm.

Steve is also a mean DJ operating under cover as 'Steve the Weave'


Sarah Pugh   has been facilitating permaculture courses since 1999 and teaching them since 2003. She learnt to teach with Mike Feingold and Patrick Whitefield, both experienced and innovative teachers. Her focus has always been on inspiring and involving people in designing and improving their local space, creating opportunities for communities to work collaboratively and to reconnect with nature, particularly in urban areas.

She lives and works in Bristol and has been involved with the Bristol Permaculture Group since it started in 2000. This is an active network of over 250 people working to bring sustainability to the city, sharing resources, tools and ideas and generally practicing common sense living. She co founded the highly successful SHIFT course run from Bristol - a full year permaculture course taught by 40 tutors.