Eco-logic Books

The best place to find books on landcare, sustainable living, permaculture, good living, death, sheds that look like turtles, and other quintessential texts. Peter Andrews lovingly compiles this smorgasborg of goodies - why go anywhere else?

The Permaculture Association

The Permaculture Association is the hub of the Permaculture network in the UK. As good a place to start as any!

The Permaculture Magazine

The best source of information on what is happening in Permaculture in the UK. Contains course listings, articles, handy tips, and a good set of links.

Transition Culture

Visit only if you are prepared for a journey that starts today and will take you for the rest of your life. This is perhaps the most intriguing website of them all. . . Take a look at the realities of Climate Change and Peak Oil in the warm company of the Transition Movement who offer hope and heart in the form of a massive community response. For such challenges action must start with the individual but then build into grass roots commuinty action. Jump aboard.

The Willow Bank

This is Steve Pickup's willow catalogue site with more details of willow varieties, how, where, and when to plant willow.

Fruiting Bodies

Ragmans Lane has close links with this company who are pioneering the cultivation of medicinal and gourmet mushrooms in the UK. If you are interested in tintures of Shiitake, Reishi, or Trametes, check them out.

Wilderness Discovery

Bushcraft experiences in the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean.

Elemental Solutions

Nick Grant runs elemental. If you are looking for advice on rainwater, greywater, septic water or anything remotely connected with it - go here. Its a good website, and worth a visit.

Seed Savers Network Australia

Jude and Michel Fanton run Seedsavers. They taught our 1996 permaculture course here at Ragmans, and co wrote the Seedsavers Handbook, published by eco-logic books in 1997.

Shift Bristol

Shift Bristol has been formed to support local sustainable community action with useful and innovative training.

Land Reaserch Associates

Land Research Associates specialises in all aspects of soil science, land quality and rural land use.