Jairo Restrepo  - Inspirational Courses and 2016 Dates


We have just hosted Jairo for his first ever UK teaching - a 5 day Intro to Regenerative Agriculture course, one day Applied Agro-ecology and a one day Chromatography course. Jairo also gave a talk at The Gaia Foundation to a packed audience.

It was an amazing time with a remarkable man. Jairo gave so much to all of the courses. His commitment was immense, and he wove tales of his experience alongside practical tools and advice for creating fertile soils and approaches to farming for the future in a time of climate change.

What people said:

"motivating, inspirational, humble, wonderful"

" Great - need more!"

"Just want to try everything now!"

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2016 Dates!

We are very excited to have dates for the Introduction to Regenerative Agricultre Course with Jairo next year from the 30th June to the 5th July. This course will include 2 days Chromatgraphy teaching.

Click here to book a space.


Jairo Restrepo - first time teaching in the UK

This July Jairo Restrepo will be visiting Ragmans to share his experience of Regenerative Agriculture and over 30 years of farming and sustainable rural development.

Jairo is an advocate of small-scale farming and easily formulated solutions for regenerating soils and sustainable approaches to growing food. Jairos’s work is well-known in south America, Australia and Europe for providing farmers with tools and techniques that are easily accessible and put the power back into the hands of the farmer.

Regenerative Agriculture has developed from Agro ecology – looking at approaches to farming that places food production in healthy relationship with the environment, local communities, culture, economies and society.

Here at Ragmans we are very excited to have made the link with Jairo and are looking forward to welcoming him to the farm.

‘This guy is a genius and a tour de force of the first order’ Darren Doherty Regrarians


Whilst Jairo is here he will be offering 3 courses. Follow the link below to our courses page for more information about each one.

An Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture  - Sat July 18th – Weds 22nd  £650
This 5 day course will give farmers and growers the practical tools needed to analyse their soils and create fertile systems using home made bio fertilisers and minimal-cost pest and disease control methods. The course has lots of practical elements and will include a session on Chromatography; making the biofertilisers, mineral broths and growing micro-organisms; the work Jairo is renowned for!
The course fee includes food and accommodation. click here

Chromatography - Saturday 25th July £100
Chromatography is an exciting tool to diagnose soil health providing fast and graphic information on the health of the soil and the quality of biological, physical and chemical aspects of the soil and to help assess the relationships between the vital components of healthy soil. This is a practical course and you will be able to make your own chroma. Course fee includes lunch. click here

Applied AgroEcology Workshop - Friday 24th July £50
This is a day with Jairo to find out a bit more about him and his wider work, including his involvement with building the via campesina movement. There will be a farm walk where Jairo will talk about the practical application of his regenerative agriculture techniques. If you are wondering what all the fuss is about and would like to know a bit more about this remarkable man, his approach to land use and to life, this day is for you. Course fee includes lunch. click here

Introductory interview with Jairo

"my dream is to construct a being, an ideal state of a being, so that I shall not be the ideal being of the State".

In June 2015, Juanfran Lopez who is working at Ragmans travelled to Spain to interview Jairo, here is an extract from this meeting click here

An evening with Jairo

Join The Gaia Foundation for an evening talk with respected agroecological educator and activist, Jairo Restrepo, hosted in partnership with the UK Food Group and Ragmans Lane Farm. To be held at Gaia House in London at 6.30pm on the 28th July 2015. For more information click here

For more information about Jairo

∗    See his website La Meirda de Vaca click here

∗    For a Biography of Jairo click here click here

∗    For a You Tube video of Jairo click here


Jairo is available for consultancy advice for growers and farmers. On this visit he probably doesn’t have time, but if you are interested in this let us know and we will see if its possible. 

Market Garden harvesting our first produce

The Ragmans Lane Market Garden team are pleased to announce we are now harvesting the  first of our produce! Despite the best efforts of the spring rains and summer weeds, we now have a variety of delicious organic vegetables, salad bags and herbs available for sale.

Our produce is for sale under the Ragmans Farm brand through the Dean Forest Food Hub website. If you are a Forest of Dean resident interested in local, sustainable produce that gives a fair deal to producers, check out deanforestfoodhub.org.uk. The site works as a one-stop shop for a great range of local veg, meat, eggs, bread and more (all bought directly from various local producers), as well as organic goods from further afield.

Other farm shop, pub and restaurant outlets for our produce are also in the pipeline - watch this space!

If your business is looking to source high-quality produce that is delivered the day it is picked, please contact us using the details provided below.

Ragmans Lane Market Garden
Phone: 01594 862613
Mobile: 07503 217680
E-mail: ragmanslanemarketgarden@gmail.com
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