• Eco Shamanism - Shifting Terrain

    Eco Shamanism One Year Course October 2019 - September 2020

    ’Shifting Terrain'

    3 - 6 October 2018 (scroll down for more dates)

    A year of Eco Shamanism open to all. This series of four long weekends will delve into Weather Shamanism, Micro Intelligence, Eco Linguistics and Dreams and Dreaming with an overlying theme of 'instinction' as opposed to extinction.

    Perceptions, perspectives and paradigms will be challenged whilst we explore "The greater part of the soul which is outside the body" (Sendivogius). Our back drop is our Earth, in which we find ourselves, over and over again. Earth's back drop is the great void of unconsciousness in which she finds herself, over and over again. Expect to come under a spell, spelt Earth.

    Dates: all weekends run from 6.30pm Thursday to 3 - 4pm Sunday

    October 3 - 6

    February 13 - 16 / June 11 - 14 / September 10 - 13

    Further details and booking page at http://www.mandypullen.co.uk/shamanism-training/shifting-terrain.html or contact Mandy direct tel: 01594 541850 mobile: 07805 800313 email: info@mandypullen.co.uk

    Course requirements: There are no course requirements although you may find that knowing how to journey shamanically will be of some use. You can learn this technique at a Learn the Shaman’s Journey workshop or one to one with me.

    Cost: Fees include all tuition, vegetarian meals and accommodation and can be paid in instalments over the year.

    £1200 including £180 deposit.

    Tutor Details:

    Mandy Pullen is a shamanic practitioner based in the Forest of Dean. She runs workshops, courses and trainings on eco shamanism in Gloucestershire and further afield. Jane Embleton, an expert in land, rivers and dreaming and Freya Davies, sensory herbalist, will contribute additional teachings on the weekends.