• Biofertilisers to build Living Systems Online Course

    Course Postponed until 2021 - sorry for inconvenience

    Due to low numbers we have postponed this course until the Spring 2021. We need to scrub up our advertising and give more time for people to book. 

    Learn how to regenerate farm and garden systems using biofertiliser and mineral broths. 

    We have worked hard to take the benefits of a residential course into an online experience. Theory sessions will have ample time for discussion, slide shows and powerpoint. Practical sessions will be delivered through step by step video clips allowing ample time for interpretation. There will also be exercises for students to do themselves in-between course dates, making this in some ways more interactive than a weekend residential. 

    first session 9.30 - 12.45  Understanding ecosystem function and the role of microbiology, organic matter and minerals within living systems. This session gives the student a good theoretical base in order to understand the practical sessions that follow. In this way the preparations can be adapted to local situations if needed.  There are many biological products coming onto the market, the purpose of this course is to enable growers to make their own inputs saving money and producing superior products. The session will end with a homework practical to make a Lactic Acid Bacteria serum to study next week.

    second session 9.30 - 12.45  Microbes, ferments and biofertilisers. How to collect microbes to make Solid Native Microbe (SNM) mix - the ‘mother’ for many preparations. Using video and discussion we take you through the process of collection, preparation and storage of native microbes. We then use some mature SNM to make a biofertiliser ferment that can be used at any scale as a foliar feed. We end the session with a discussion about applications for biofertilsier use. Students are encouraged to make SNM as the homework for week 2 and there will be time for feedback at the beginning of the third session. 

    Third session 9.30 - 12.45 Plant health, pests, disease and the use of minerals. Enhanced photosynthesis and optimum system health depends on high levels of available organic matter, active microbiology in the soil and a full range of minerals. This session looks in detail at the limiting factors to healthy systems and how this is expressed as disease and pest attack. There will be a mixture of theory of plant metabolism, and video practicals showing how to make hot and cold mineral broths to build resilience in living systems. Students will be encouraged to make their own simple insect repellant as this weeks homework. 

    Fourth Session 9.30 - 12.45 we take time in this session to answer specific questions, using Q&A and breakout groups drawing together learning over the past three weeks. There is also space for two more ‘recipes’; using humus hydrolate and seed coating. We look at resources that are specific to your site and end the course by creating a fertilisation programme that you can tweak to suit your situation. 

    Who should attend: Gardeners,  growers and farmers

     "I have a good basis now on how to and what use can be applied. Excited to try"

    "Great all round picture of soil biology to support understanding of practices"

    "Can't wait to get started"


     To register interest - please email info@ragmans.co.uk - thanks!


    The Biofertiliser Handbook (ebook) by Juanfran Lopez will be available to all course participants included in course fee

    Please see Juanfran's website - https://juanfranlopez.com for examples of his work.

    We also stock Jairo Restrepo's book on biofetilisers

    The ABC of Organic Agriculture by Jairo Restrepo CLICK HERE