"Ragmans Farm matters.  Hugely.  It has developed over the years into a unique resource, a unique teaching venue, and a unique 'living classroom' for those who want to learn about permaculture and sustainable land use. 

In these times of climate change, resource depletion and economic downturn, Ragmans offers a model for a different approach for rural communities, one based on diversity, entrepreneurship, reskilling and a reconnection to land. 

Over the past 15 years, Ragmans has led by example, working hard, trying new things and experimenting.  Not everything has worked, but this is the vital niche that the pioneer fills, and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude.  The future will have much to learn from Ragmans, and much to thank it for". 

Rob Hopkins - Founder of the Transition Movement 

  • Learning Buddhism, Living Zen Retreat

    6-8th September 2019 

    A Residential Weekend Retreat at Ragmans Lane Farm, Forest of Dean, led by Fiona Nuttall.

    Silent meditation within the context of a living Chan Buddhist tradition. Suitable for both those new to meditation and those with more experience.

    Retreat organised by the Bristol Chan group and the Forest of Dean Chan group.

    Cost, all in, with vegetarian meals and farm bunkhouse/yurt accommodation, £120. Some bursaries at £60. Camping also available at £100.

    Fiona Nuttall, Zhi-jing Fa-hong, is the first Dharma Heir of Simon Child. Fiona trained with John Crook and Simon Child from the 1990's, and is Chair of the Western Chan Fellowship committee. She has been leading retreats for WCF since 2007.

    For further information see WCF website and to book please contact Jane Spray, Forest of Dean Chan group jane-spray@tiscali.co.uk