"Ragmans Farm matters.  Hugely.  It has developed over the years into a unique resource, a unique teaching venue, and a unique 'living classroom' for those who want to learn about permaculture and sustainable land use. 

In these times of climate change, resource depletion and economic downturn, Ragmans offers a model for a different approach for rural communities, one based on diversity, entrepreneurship, reskilling and a reconnection to land. 

Over the past 15 years, Ragmans has led by example, working hard, trying new things and experimenting.  Not everything has worked, but this is the vital niche that the pioneer fills, and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude.  The future will have much to learn from Ragmans, and much to thank it for". 

Rob Hopkins - Founder of the Transition Movement 

  • Wild Therapy

    12-19th September 2019 at Ragmans Lane Farm

    Ragmans farm provides us with the perfect setting for our one-week immersive Wild Therapy training. With 60 acres of beautifully managed organic farmland, nestled within the Forest of Dean, it sits on the edge between wildness and domesticity. This is the edge we will be exploring within ourselves, dancing between our defensive strategies and our innate wildness, expressive and free.


    We will be exploring:
    • How to sit in the belly of the earth and directly experience it’s deep and unconditional holding
    • Our human place in the community of all things
    • Working on the edge between fear-based strategies and opening to our embodied wildness
    • Connection to ourselves, others, and the more than/other than human
    • What spontaneously arises in and around us in response to an enquiry with nature
    • Feel into and be with the pertinent, magical, and innate wisdom of our wild community

    This might be a journey for you as a therapist wishing to bring more wildness into your work or it might be a personal journey of experiencing more wildness in your life, or both. Whatever your intentions you are welcome to join us in the stunning setting of Ragmans Farm, with woodland,orchards, wild life pond, hot tub, yurt and outdoor fire.

    The accommodation is extremely comfortable with facilities to work, cook, and eat as a community. There is also room for camping for those that wish to sleep and dream with the Earth.

    Cost: £800 including accommodation and all meals.

    LEONIE GUEST - With my background as a Human Ecologist and 15 years’ experience as a psychotherapist, Wild Therapy is where my heart lies. Our connection and love of the earth is essential to our survival as a species.

    JAYNE JOHNSON – I have a passion for working alongside nature as a supportive friend and wise teacher. I am a trainer on the year long Wild Therapy trainings course, Embodied Relational Therapy courses, and my own version of Western Shamanism.



    For more information and to book a space, please do contact Leonie or Jayne on the above numbers.