Fertilisation plan

Our approach to on farm fertility is the management of the dynamic between organic matter, minerals, and biology.  We try to create a balanced system based on homemade foliar sprays.

The production of biofertilisers, the reproduction of different types of microorganisms, amendments and different mineral brews are done on the farm with free or very low cost resources. 

We are conducting tests in the orchard and garden to try to measure the effectiveness of this approach. Juanfran Lopez,s detailed results from his Shallot trails are in this PDF. During 2016 we took baseline data of soil minerals, and have measured our trial and control areas regularly over the last 12 months.  This work is ongoing.  However, a soil test does not necessarily indicate that soil minerals are being taken up by the plant or tree. We therefore plan to take leaf tests throughout 2017 in the orchards to monitor mineral deficiencies within the trees in order to correct them if necessary. Please read the PDFs about our orchard management in the side bar for a detailed explanation.

Although the Orchard fertilisation plan looks complex, it is possible to start with a simple general spray plan of one or two preparations, and then develop particular products on farm to suit your needs. 

Our fertilisation plan gives an idea of how you can build up specific minerals using biological sprays. This means that we avoid the use of herbicides. We also avoid the use of copper based fungicides that are used in the management of organic top fruit.