What are Aerated Teas?

A brewed water extract of microbes, which allows the proliferation of beneficial organisms in a short period of time through an aerated process (usually pumping Oxygen with a small air bubbles system).

There are several ways or recipes for make this process getting same result: encourage aerobic microbe’s activity and/or their biomass; so this gives us a high range of use, such as reproduction and activation of microbiology present in the compost, native microorganism present in the forest or farm or just reproduction focused in specific aerobic microorganisms whose we desire to deal with.

As aerobic systems have more energy efficiency, this product will obtain an average of 36 molecules of ATP from each molecule of sugar as an energy source through the process; getting the energy from an external source (adding Oxygen by bubbling it through the solution).

This product has to be use in a short period of time as it losses its stability and properties in a few days. 

What are they for?

To bring back soil-plant fertility through adding beneficial microbiology to the system (farm, plot or backyard) reducing pest and diseases, encouraging microbiologic and mineral balance by the presence of both elements in symbiosis.


How do they work?

Adding a wide (or specific) range of beneficial microbes on the plant tissues and/or soil, making a positive effect on both immunologic systems.

Depending recipes and process a huge microbiological diversity could be found on this brews, such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes making an important and positive effect in biological and minerals available issues to the plant.