Biofertilisers (fermented brews)

What they are

Biofertilisers are liquid fertiliser with a high range of added minerals which are in balance and have a  stable energy as result of an anaerobic process (fermentation) based in a biological inoculant such as fresh cow manure. Specific microorganisms or minerals can be introduced throughout the fermentation process.  In this way we can adjust the brew to meet the farmer´s requirements to balance out specific deficiencies.


This product mimics the processes taken millions years ago by microbes before Oxygen become available in the atmosphere; this means that the efficiency of the fermentation is lower than Aerated processes; the efficiency is to produce around 2 molecules of ATP from each molecule of sugar through the process.


The source of energy for the fermentation is from the process in the product by itself ( i.e. the energy derived from the microbes metabolising themselves ), without adding any energy in the form of oxygen into the brew through the process; this feature make a stable product to use as a long term, giving the chance to store it as well. In this sense it is different from aerated teas that develop more rapidly, but are less stable and not possible to store. 

What are biofertilisers for?

These brews are used mostly to feed, re-cover and re-activate soil biology, increase plant fertility and animal health, also encouraging crop protection against pests and diseases.

How do they work?

At the end of the process the product content will contain a high range of available minerals (macro and micronutrients, trace elements ...), Organic Acids, proteins, vitamins, enzymes, carbohydrates, amino acids and different microbiology that will work in symbiosis with the natural processes in the plant and soil, developing and improving a nutritional and biological balance and a natural defence mechanism.