The word Bokashi means fermented Organic Matter in Japanese and it is an aerobic semi-decomposition process taken by microbes under controlled conditions. click here for a PDF explaining Bokashi in full

Functions of those Ingredients and possibilities to replace them:


-       Microbiology and mineral inoculants. Cow dung/Any type of manure

-       Homogenization of biotic and non biotic properties of mix. Clay soil/Old Bocashi/Compost

-       Silicon rich source as improver of physical characteristics in the mix. Woodchip/straw/hay/Cereal hulls


As we are talking about a high quality product under controlled conditions, the previous ingredients have to be supported by others in order to increase the quality of the amendment, the functions and the ingredients are:


-       Improvers of structure and texture of the Bocashi (among others benefits). Charcoal (in our case we use Activate charcoal)

-       Source of Carbohydrates and Vitamins. Cereal Bran

-       Source of minerals (macro, micronutrients and trace elements). Ashes/Rock Dust/specifics minerals

-       Source of sugar to microbes. Apple Juice/Molasses/Brown sugar

-       Microbiological inoculants to start the fermentation process. Commercial Yeast/local wild Yeast

Different groups of microbes develop as the Bokashi matures.  Juanfran has catured these on his microscope and they are set out in the graphic below. Click here for more detail.


click here for a PDF explaining Bokashi in full