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Under our natural approach to work with managed lands, as far as possible we mimic natural symbiosis and natural metabolisms (along with our understanding of biological systems). We are developing a range of “tools” which fit in the UK climate to encourage diversity and health into natural systems in different temperate environments.

These tools are tweaks and adjustments towards a holistic approach for each situation and requirement, therefore we don’t use these tools as a range of “final products” to use or make. We believe in the importance to get a base of skills and understanding of these tools, then tweak them into specific requirements or situations. So the farmer and grower has autonomy and understanding to make their own preparations, empowering the farmer, reaching a broader scale and impacting the economy and society.

Our approach and understanding of this techniques, is the ability for each farmer of understand them, and more important, to be able to do this type of preparations by themselves, keeping in mind all the previous thoughts.