Ragmans Lane Market Garden

As well as the ‘main farm’, Ragmans is home to Ragmans Lane Market Garden, a small but thriving veg-growing business, now in its third growing season. The market garden is run by Jon and Ben with help from our trainee Esme. From our 2 small fields and 3 polytunnels, we harvest a wide range of succulent fresh organic veg. Our salad mix is a particular specialty, featuring an impressive array of succulent seasonal leaves, herbs and flowers. We use growing techniques aimed at protecting the soil and the wonderful array of life within it.

We sell our produce to local shops and restaurants, and it is also available directly to local residents through the innovative Dean Forest Food Hub website (deanforestfoodhub.org.uk). The site works as a one-stop shop for a great range of local veg, meat, dairy, bread and more (all bought directly from various local producers), as well as organic goods from further afield.

If you run a local business or are hosting a course at Ragmans and are looking to source high-quality produce that is delivered the day it is picked, please contact us using the details provided below. Equally if you are interested in visiting or volunteering with us, or simply finding out more about what we do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Ragmans Lane Market Garden

Phone: 01594 862613
Mobile: 07503217680 (Jon)

E-mail: ragmanslanemarketgarden@gmail.com

Blog: forestofgreens.weebly.com