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Our Approach to Soil Fertility and System Health ~ by Matt Dunwell

Added: February 15th 2017, Ragmans Farm

Ragmans Farm is a 60 acre organic farm in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. We use farming practices that regenerate the land, using permaculture as a guiding design principle. Between the three main enterprises at the farm – Ragmans Lane Farm, the Willow Bank and Ragmans Market Garden, we provide employment fo... read more


Added: May 13th 2016, Ragmans Farm

Aerobic or Anaerobic? By Juanfran Lopez Microbes  - Drawn by Miriam, age 4  I would like to introduce this thought with a simple and easy question comparing two different well known similar tools, but with different final purposes, just to put this article in context... it would be something like this: What i... read more


An interview with Jairo Restrepo

Added: June 23rd 2015, Ragmans Farm

Columbian champion of Organic Farming and for the rights of small holder farmers. "my dream is to construct a being, an ideal state of a being, so that I shall not be the ideal being of the State".Jairo Restrepo is a passionate educator and activist in the field of sustainable agriculture and food sovereignty. He... read more


Added: March 23rd 2015, Ragmans Farm

A Wonderful Time at Ragmans by Yanthe Oosthoek - Student Summer 2014 Being back in Holland made me realise how amazing my time at Ragmans had been. While cycling through the Dutch landscape (which is not very impressive compared to the beautiful Wye Valley Ragmans is surrounded by) I notice myself pointing out differen... read more


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