Ragmans Lane Market Garden - about us

The market garden occupies 1.6 acres of land; is surrounded by organic woodland, orchard and pasture and fed by three water sources; pond, spring and mains water. Roughly half the land is under “no dig” cultivation and half is managed as wildlife habitat.

About the wildlife

Wild life is an integral part of what makes Ragmans such a special place to farm and is key to the success and health of our crops. Without the aid of pollinators our fruit wouldn’t grow; without the aid of predatory insects our vegetables wouldn’t thrive, without the relentless work of earthworms our soils would be lifeless. To encourage the bumblebees, hoverflies, wasps, common soldier beetles, ladybirds, lacewings, worms and many, many other tiny creatures which help our plants grow and develop we leave the edges around the site wild, plant flower varieties beneficial insects need to survive and never turn our soils so earthworms can really thrive.

This multitude of insect species then go on to feed the next level of life and Ragmans is home to a very wide and extensive family of creatures from sparrow hawks, kites and buzzards; frogs, toads and newts; voles, mice and rabbits; stoats, jays and slow-worms and owls that feel so at home they hunt during the day!

About us

Craig and Becky are two wandering gardeners who have made the land between the Severn and Wye their home. They have nearly a decade of growing experience between them and before starting their own business they were employed as growers for a number of different types of farm; this has given them experience growing for farmers markets, wholesalers, veg boxes and top restaurants.

The market garden is in operation around 10 months of the year. Becky also produces one off custom embroidery and runs art classes in the local town. Craig also works seasonally in the orchards and copse, as well as running the contract apple pressing service offered at Ragmans Lane. They both enjoy cycling, canoeing, bird watching and eating great food!