470 – By Linda Woodrow

In the 2030s, as the world spirals into ecological and economic meltdown, three generations of an Australian family must find a way to each other, and then a way to survive and make a good life.

What will it be like, to live in a climate changed world?

Meticulously researched, 470 explores the nature of resilience when the world suddenly tips.

Linda Woodrow, best selling author of The Permaculture Home Garden, tells a tale of disaster, resilience and survival.

Listen here  to Linda Woodrow and Morag Gamble discuss 470 in the podcast: Sense-making in a Changing World

“Drawing on a life lived by permaculture ethics and principles, Linda weaves together the threads of a rich tapestry of possibilities, igniting our own imagination of how hope and vision can emerge from the darkest of circumstances.”  David Holmgren, co-originator of permaculture

“A gripping warning, but full of hope—and very hard to put down!” Starhawk, author and activist

Published July 2020. Paperback, 272 pages
Melliodora Publishing
ISBN 9780648344247

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Linda Woodrow

Linda WoodrowLinda Woodrow is a Northern Rivers NSW, Australia based writer, researcher, and food gardener. She is the author of The Permaculture Home Garden (Penguin, 1996) and has published widely in gardening and permaculture circles. 470 is her first novel.

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