About our Juice

We make our award winning organic fruit juices here at Ragmans Lane farm. 

We have over 30 different varieties of apples and pears on the farm. Many are old traditional varieties such as Taynton Codlin, Annie Elizabeth, and Ashmead's Kernel. Others are more modern varieties suitable for organic orchards. All of them have been chosen for their flavour and sharpness so that we can mix varieties to get sweet medium or dry without adding sugar. That's why we say ‘We don't put anything else in and we don't take anything out!' 

We produce seven varieties of juice; Sweet, Medium and Dry, Papple (Pear & Apple), Prapple (Pear, Raspberry & Apple), Rapple (Raspberry & Apple) and our NEW Apple & Blackcurrant, all of which are available for mail order. All of our bottles have the batch varieties on their labels so you can see exactly what has gone in!

Thanks for ordering juice from us. We take great care from blossom to bottle to make sure your juice is the best possible quality. We also take great care, once bottled and labelled that the juice reaches you promptly and in good condition. Your juice will arrive packed in a cardboard box by courier, the delivery cost is included in the price.

One last word - we strive to sell our apples and juice locally and have many local shops supporting us. However, we are unable to sell our whole range of apples locally. Buying our juice by mail order helps maintain our diverse orchards. Thanks.