Apple Pressing Service


If you have a glut of apples or can organise a community harvest gathering apples from your village or school we can turn your apples into bottles of juice. Great to enjoy with friends or family, or to use to raise funds. Either way you are preserving your apples making them go that bit further. We hate to see nature’s bounty go to waste!

You can make apple juice with any apple variety, cookers and desert apples. They are good mixed, producing a sweeter/more dry juice depending on the sweetness and mix of the apples. We can also press pears; pear and apple is delicious.

When do we press?

We can press your apples during the apple season, approximately September to November.

Minimum/Maximum Amounts

We require a minimum of about 100kg of fruit. 100kg is about 3 feed-sacks worth. If you don't have 100kg why not ask your neighbours if they have any spare apples and want to join in with you.

There is no maximum limit. We are able to process commercial quantities of apples. Call us to talk through your requirements.

What you need to do:

*Please note: If fruit is ‘turning’ or partially rotted (going brown) we will reject it. We may need to store the apples for up to a week from date of delivery, if it is in poor condition a lot of wastage can occur. We will carry out a final check and will sort fruit as we press but if the fruit is in a poor condition and is too difficult to sort we reserve the right not to press. Windfalls can be juiced if they are in good condition. Please ensure any animals grazing your orchards are out of the orchard for 6 weeks before you pick the fruit.

An easy way to tell if your fruit is ready is to taste it (!) and check the pips - they should be dark brown when the apples are ripe.

What we do:

We will wash the fruit, mill it, press it, bottle it (750ml green glass) and pasteurise it.

Fruit will be pressed in batches.

We don’t add anything to the juice – no sugar or preservatives. The pasteurisation process will preserve the juice for 24 months.

We will pack your juice in boxes of 12 to make storage and handling easier, otherwise please drop off your boxes/crates for the bottles.

Our juice process takes 2 days. We will call you when your juice is ready to be collected. We charge storage for juice left with us for over a week.

How much does it cost?

£1.40 (inc VAT) per 750ml bottle.

We estimate an average of 1 x 750ml bottle per kilo of fruit.

Your juice will need to be packed into boxes. If you bring your own boxes make sure they are strong as they will be stacked. Alternatively, we can supply boxes for an additional charge of £0.70 (inc VAT) per box (each box will hold 12 bottles).

If you if you have a lot of apples (eg. half a tonne + upwards) you will need to provide crates to transport the juice in.

Just Juice

If you just want Apple Juice eg. to freeze or to make into cider, we can press your apples for £0.60 (inc VAT) per litre. We can supply 20 litre containers for £6 (inc VAT) each. Please let us know in advance if you’d like us to supply containers or if you are bringing your own your own containers.

Why do we do this?

We love making apple juice, blending apple varieties from our orchards to create great tasting juice. Some apples keep, some don’t. Making juice means we can enjoy our apples for a much longer period than we can store them. We want to help you enjoy your apples for longer too!

We enjoy seeing your excitement and delight when you come to collect your your juice!

Organic or Biodynamic

Ragmans is an organic farm producing apple juice to organic standards. If you have organic or Biodynamic fruit certification in place we will process your fruit separately but we need to know this in advance.


We keep records of all the juice we process. You are welcome to inspect our records.

Contact details

Please telephone 01594 860244 or email to book a time for your apples to be pressed.

"Ragman’s Lane provided a first class service for our juice pressing. Communication was clear and prompt, they were very accommodating to our individual needs re late batches of apples and rather peculiar transport issues our end, and the juice quality is excellent. Many thanks. This is just the sort of service we were looking for, hope to repeat next season". Phil Haughton, Better Food, Bristol.