Comfrey is one of the best investments for a productive garden. It is a magical plant. It is perennial. It is largely disease free. It provides animal feed, plant feed, and has medicinal uses as well. Planted close to a compost heap it can mop up excess nutrients, recycling them into plant feed. It is fantastic bee food, and the roots from a comfrey plant go down 15 feet to grab minerals beyond the reach of most plants. Lastly the variety that we grow (Bocking14) does not set viable seed, so it is well behaved, and will obligingly propagate from root cuttings with little fuss.

So we have lots of it at Ragmans. We plant it by our compost bins and where water and nutrients collect, and in handy places for cutting and feeding chickens. We plant thousands of cuttings under our apple trees. The long roots reach down then we cut the leaves to give potassium to our fruit trees. We make a liquid spray from comfrey leaves and spray our whole orchard with it.

If you want some for your garden - we can send root cuttings through the post. Click here for further uses of Comfrey. We can supply enough material for field scale planting as well - Jodi Scheckter's Buffalo herd are part fed on our comfrey and produce top quality Mozzarella!

Planting instructions:

Plant spacing should be 12-18 inches apart - this will form a canopy to shade out weeds.

Planting rates are approximately 9 plants per square metre.

Roots should be 2 inches deep in weeded soil - keep well weeded

Planting season: March to September.

If you receive the comfrey roots and you have not prepared ground to plant them  - please take them out of the bag and either grow them on in pots for up to a couple of months, or plant them temporarily in an out of the way spot and move them when you have prepared the ground.  Comfrey is a hardy plant!

Please note all new orders received after 8th August 2018 will be despatched in the following March/April.

Delivery: comfrey orders include post & packging to Mainland UK. There will be an additional cost for other areas. Please contact us in advance or place your order and we contact you with the details.

We cannot ship comfrey outside of the UK

  • 30 comfrey root cuttings

    30 comfrey root cuttings

    Enough for a small garden!

    planting space needed 6 ft by 6 ft