Retrosuburbia Resources for Permaculture Teachers 

Here are some quick links to the book, reviews, YouTube videos, Facebook and Twitter links. We hope you find it useful, if you find something else that should be here do let us know…

How to get the book in the UK:

Ragmans Website with reviews and flip through video:

Ragmans general shop page with all products including other books:

Retrosuburbia website:

Incredible website devoted to the book with chapter summaries, case studies, extra reading and learning resources.


YouTube flip through video (5 minutes):

YouTube Retrosuburbia book trailer with David Holmgren

YouTube Retrosuburbia talk by David Holmgren (42 minutes)



Retrosuburbia Community:

Ragmans LaneFarm @ragmanslane

Reviews from

Many publications, organisations and individuals on the website:

Rob Hopkins:

Peter Harper (one of the founders of CAT):

Jo Barker:


David Holmgren Holmgren Design @HolmgrenDesign

RetroSuburbia @ RetroSuburbs