Make your own biofertlisers * Reproduce and use native microbes

* Build soil fertility & productivity * Maximise use of local resources

This exciting and valuable new book by Juanfran Lopez is a must for any land manager who wants to take control of their farm and gardens biological and mineral fertility. At just 45 pages it is contains a comprehensive list of practical recipes, procedures and notes on how to use materials that are available anywhere so you can get to work:





Juanfran Lopez is passionate about working with different regenerative techniques and tools, using locally available resources to create low cost sustainable solutions for farmers on any scale.

He has been travelling around the globe to learn different approaches to land management, mainly through hands-on experience.

Over the last few years Juanfran Lopez has been working with smallholder farmers, sometimes in remote communities, and at other times with larger scale farmers and estates all over the world, bringing organic agriculture to farms, universities and government bodies in different cultures, climates and soils.

He currently teaches his own courses covering more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, and also works as an adviser on a number of research projects for international foundations and Universities.

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